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Award at Trierenberg Supercircuit!

Shards of ice and sunrise

Well, the first results of photography contests of this year are being unveiled, and the other day I was really happy to know that one of my images got a Gold Award at the 2011 Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria. The image is "Ice Alive", which already got a prize in Nature's Best and was exposed at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA, a couple of years ago. Quite good news indeed, too bad we won't be able to attend the Awards Gala taking place in September...since we might be (if everything goes well) shooting the autumn colours above the arctic circle...More to come about this! Here there is some information about this contest, which you might find interesting for future submissions of your work!:

"The Trierenberg Super Circuit, formerly the Austrian Super Circuit, is by far the largest salon of photography in the world. It is based in Hasselblad, Austria, and in recent years it has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures, including some from almost every country. It is the aim of the competition run annually by the salon to exhibit the finest work in different styles, techniques and genres. The Super Circuit attracts photographers of almost every background, both amateur and professional. It has established a reputation for very high standards and is therefore respected around the world. An international panel of judges selects the very best images in each category, and awards valuable and prestigious prizes. The website of the Trierenberg Super Circuit may be visited at http://www.supercircuit.at/   "

Take care and great light to you all ;-)

Winner at MML International Nature Photography Contest!


I am really glad to announce that one of my images has got a first prize in the Natural Landscapes category in the 2010 edition of the "Memorial Maria Luisa" international nature photography contest. Besides the winner image, 2 of my images were finalist in the categories "Mountain Landscapes", 1 in "Wildlife", 1 in "Vegetal World" and 1 in "Natural Landscapes" category. Founded 19 years ago, this contest has risen incredibly in popularity in the last decade, drawing every year more tens of thousands f0 images from the best professionals in the field of nature and mountain photography of over 50 countries in the world...

If I was really humbled and happy when I got the news...even more I was when I saw the names of the other winners I was rubbing shoulders with. Just take a look at the overall winner of this MML 2010 edition...yep, Bence Máté, the overall winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010...Man, that is a good performance! bravo, Bence!

Now, it is time to get down the rush of excitement and keep on doing what I like the most...shooting out there and experiencing the natural beauty! THAT is the real prize for this job...you bet!

Winner at Naturescapes Images of the Year!!


Today I have received the great news that one of my images has won a Highly Commended prize at the Naturescapes Images of the year 2009!. The winner image has made it into the "landscape" category, one of the typically most difficult due to the high amount of incredible imagery it attracts.

Naturescapes is one of the major international nature photography on-line magazine,  made by and for professionals and serious amateurs in the field of nature photography. Thousands of images are taken into account for this annual contest, where some of the best nature photography can be seen. Take a look at the winning images by clicking on the following links:

My winning image

All winning images   

Winner at Nature's Best 2009!

Shards of ice and sunrise

I am very proud to announce that one of my images has won a Nature's Best 2009 "highly commended" prize in the landscape category. This photo contest is (along with the BBC and GDT photo contests) one of the most renowned nature photography contests in the world, receiving more than 25'000 photos from all over the world. The winner images are displayed by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington. This year, the exhibition will take place from November 10 till May 2 2010. So, if you are around dont forget to pay a visit to the exhibition, the quality of the photography displayed is really outstanding.

Thanks for reading and great light to you all,

natures best 2009 winner

Winner at GDT!!


I am very happy to say that finally one of my images has won a "highly commended" award in the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009, "landscape" category. Thousands of images compete every year in this contest, most of all in the landscape category. Therefore, this is one of the main nature photography contests in the world...so I cannot but being extremely happy with this result! You can see all winners by clicking this link.


Thanks for reading and great light to you all.