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Winter comes "again"...


Well, I do not want to start discussions about global warming, but during the whole month of January and February the white stuff has been really lacking in the whole central Europe. The Swiss alps have been looking really bleak and unusually green during the last months, birds have been turning their colours into spring mode and new buds have been growing on some trees. Kind of Spring in january... Luckily enough, a few days ago we got a new "feel" of winter in Switzerland. We were in the Jura mountains, spending a few days close to the Mont Tendre area, preparing our next workshop there, and got "happily" caugth in the middle of a snow blizzard. You might think that blizzard conditions, with almost no visibility and snow being drifted horizontally by gusty winds is not photogenic....The truth is, such conditions often "simplify" the landscape to the bare minimum, leaving graphic forms against blank and un-cluttered backgrounds where you can focus on the surrealist quiet and latent mood of winter...

This image is an example of this. I was attracted by the simple and graphic forms of the trees, particularly about that deciduous one which appears in the center of the image. I covered a long area from side to side, so that the "subject" would get reinforced by contrast with the other evergreen trees and also by "breaking" that visual rythm created by the coniferous trees. This is a clear example of a composition where the "dissonant note" character of a subject becomes the real source of its visual weight, giving it all the protagonism. Placing the naked tree bang in the middle of the image (and thus breaking those traditional "rules" of composition) also collaborates to state clearly what the image is about...In this case, the dose of visual tension is added by the contrast of natures and forms, and by the rupture of the visual rythm...so placing the decidous tree in the middle added a bit of stability and calm to counteract that tension in the scene. Basically, that calm and quiet feeling was an important part of the mood which I wanted for this winter image: A latent and sleeping landscape waiting for the renewal of spring.

Great light to you all, and make the most of what remains of this fantastic season ;-)