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Northern Waters


I am currently under tons of images of Seychelles and Iceland, still classifying and selecting the keepers for the next webpage update...But I decided to advance another one of the northern country. This image shows that eery light that one can find at 3 am in the middle of the icelandic night. A couple of weeks after the summer solstice when this shot was taken, the light level had already decreased, but was still enough to read without any problem. The night this image was made was quite special. We had spent a whole day in Vik (southern Iceland) totally enclosed in our room, waiting for gale force winds and rain to stop for a while. After some hours of horizontal slashing rain, the wind stopped and we could venture out again. The skies remained quite heavy and cloudy though, perfect for some crepuscular bluish moody images to depict the character of this coast: mysterious, dramatic, cold, wild and dangerous. We found this spot near the cliffs, with some nice basalt boulders spred along the coast. The tide was high, and some waves were crashing against the boulders. I was after an image showing what I felt there. Alone in the night, in front of those rolling waves in an so surreal coast, I felt respect and admiration for the force of the sea. I felt the magnetism of those waters, pulling me out to the open ocean. I decided that a long exposure image (so easy under the low levels of light) showing the dragging effect of the water as it receded would really reinforce that magnetic feeling. The volcanic boulders would be the anchor points of the image, also carrying a big symbolic meaning: the volcanic origin of the whole island, oozed from the depths of the sea some millions of years ago. As a big surf came onto the beach and receded, I clicked the shutter to freeze that moment in time where the white foam would draw like a hidden artist strongly dynamic diagonal lines across the image. The broody sky complemented the whole, and the naturally blue colour of the light reinforced the cold of the ambiance. This is an image of a very anonymous place, almost reduced to the bare elements of Iceland, which represents very well what this country is all about for me. I hope you will like it! Feel free to post your comments and ideas about this image, I am really interested in having your opinion! Thanks for reading and great light to you all.