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Photo of the Week: Spring time


Hello all. I am always amazed at the life burst that comes with spring every year. Now it seems winter is just a distant memory. The silence in the forests has given the way to a choir of birds singing from every branch. Water trickles down the leaves, storms begin to build up every evening, an odour of flowers inondates the ambiance and my eyes start to turn red as pollen allergy has its feast. Spring time is also time to pay a visit to those waterfalls and streams we know. As the explosion of life takes place in the woods, the trees start filling with little shiny leaves, which seem to glow in that characteristic raw green. Humidity, typical rain and the melt of the snow in the mountains get the rivers and waterfalls swollen, leading to a great photographic opportunities.

A few days ago we visited an already familiar spot, in the french Jura region. There it was, the perfect condition for taking a nice image screaming "spring": Damp day which saturated the colours, cloudy skies to provide a diffuse contrastless light, absence of wind to keep the leaves steady, and water flowing around...Well, the true is I would have liked a bit more water, but i guess that is always the case...we nature photographers are never happy :)

I took my impervious boots and put myself in the middle of the river, looking to outline the little tree you see in the image agaist the dark hollow cavity in the background. Slightly to the left of the image, it balanced very well the waterfall to the right, creating a nice juxtaposition of two focal points. The panoramic format, cutting out the upper part of the waterfalls, adds quite a lot to the image, as it increases the apparent size of the waterfall (when you just show a portion, the whole seems to be bigger than when showing it all).

Thanks for reading and great light to you all!