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Photo of the Week: Frozen shapes


The image of this week focus on shape and texture. What is this? Why care? Why do you need to put a label into this image? Forget for a while what this image might depict, or where it must have been taken, and wander around looking at the incredible textures and shapes that form the image. No focal point here, almost no information added by the colour (just the idea of  cold, reinforced by that bluish cast) and no sense of scale. This is one of those images mid way between an intimate landscape and an abstract. Made under dawn bluish open sky, where the blue soft light reflected by the sky ceiling provides a maximum of color and detail, and a very low contrast light that enables to render the image without too bright hot spots or too dark shadows amongst the peebles.

At three meters from these peebles, the seashore of the Skye island in Scotland. Very rare situation indeed, proof of one of the harshest winters recorded in the last 20 years in the area, according to the records.

Thanks for reading, and great light to you all.