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Article on book "Art and Nature"


I bring you here one of my last articles about photography that has appeared on a monothematic book about "Art and Nature" edited by the National Orchestra of Spain and just released the last 18th of December. All over its almost 350 pages,  a number of artists of different fields were selected to write and analyze the influence of Nature in art. I felt very honoured to be selected, as in the book my article is rubbing shoulders with others from guys like Alvaro Siza (world famous architect), Rafael Argullol (spanish writter and philosopher) and Juan Carlos Marset (poet) amongst others. As you can imagine, I was due to talk about nature and photography. A very broad subject indeed, that should be approached from a general point of view, apt for everyone.

In case you are interested, you will find here attached the pdf containing the original article with some of my photographs accompanying the text. I must apologize for those who do not speak Spanish! As this is the original article, the text is fully written in Spanish. I will try to translate the article as soon as I have a couple of free hours, but for the time being here there is the original version. A last comment: the images on this article look of reduced quality, as this is par of a strongly compressed pdf file. This time, the interest is in the text I might say!

Click here to download the pdf file of the article!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned, I have some things to tell you about Scotland in winter as soon as I have some time to develop my images and come back home!