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Photo of the Week: Autumn Panorama


I know internet is not the best place for viewing panoramics (most of all when they come from huge files of almost 1 gb) but I cannot stand posting this one. I had been for a long time waiting for the perfect conditions with a perfect forest and a perfect peak autumn colour. The last week, the three things coincided in time and space, and i could spend some magical hours in the middle of some nearby woods. Very early in the morning, a thick fog invaded the place. No wind for some time, gave me the possibility of shooting with the panoramic 617 camera and its frequent long exposures of up to 3-4 minutes in this case. As the fog levels were shifting in time an a little breeze moved the trees from time to time, I spent some three or four reels of velvia at the very same spot. It was interesting to see on the lightbox how every single image was totally different. I chose this one, with almost perfectly sharp leaves and just the right touch of fog to give mood and depth but without erasing the golden hues of the background.

Compositionally speaking, I was attracted by the juxtaposition of the two colourful beeches sticking out of the undergrowth. The horizontal branches of the left tree "tie together" the vertical trunks that cross the whole picture from left to right, giving a proper structure to the whole composition. Therefore, the eye movement from left to right (that normally we look for in panoramic images) is also spurred by the horizontal branches, leading the eye to the smaller but equally important coloured little tree at the right of the image. I can say this is one of those images i do not get tired of looking at...

Thanks for reading and great light to you all ;-)autumn panorama blog