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Photo of the Week: Autumn Cage


As always, the most interesting photographic opportunities occur when aiming the lens at edges or "transitional" zones in time and/or space. Think of the dawn and dusk (where night and day meet), shores (where the sea meets the land), clearing storms (where bad weather leads to more stable one) and so on. This photograph illustrates this idea too. On the slopes of mountains like in this case (Jura range in Switzerland) there is a certain altitude where the deciduous forests begin to give the way to evergreens. At this point, it is possible to find situations like the one depicted here, making possible to reinforce even more the nature of deciduous trees, which dress in incredible colours during autumn, as they show themselves in the middle of a bare and grey cage of vertical evergreen trunks. I spotted this place some time ago. Then, i just needed to wait till the perfect situation would arise: fog and peak colours of autumn. Then, i selected a view point and focal lenght that would show the beech tree in the middle of the vertical evergreens trunks, leaving him "enclosed in a natural cage". The image is full of rythm given by the number of vertical trunks and the balance is obtained by means of some smaller concentration of coloured leaves at the right of the image. I specially liked the spacial ambiguity created by one of the branches of the main coloured tree crossing a couple of trunks which seem to be in the same place (as no separation has been left between them). An image that reminds me of the beautiful sound of leaves falling down, in the silence of the mist.

Thanks for reading and good light to you all.autumn cage