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First scanned 617 slide

Two_Marbles_MF_to repeat

precision IIFinally, I purchased a virtual drum Hasselblad Imacon scanner to scan the 617 slides I have been taking in the last months. I got it from the US company Bitec, which I could not recommended more. They have delivered an incredible service and support, and the owner of the company, David, is on of those guys who know how to make a client happy. Basically, this scanner is  big machine specially designed to scan film and transparencies where you can obtain huge files for 35 mm, medium format, panoramic and 4x5 large format slides or negatives. For those who are not familiar with these machines, the transparency or negative is taken between magnetic flexible holders that are "swallowed" by the scanner and turned around a drum, so that the scanning is always made perpendicular to the slide. No distortions, no loss of resolution, best quality.Nowadays, it is simply the best machine one can buy for scanning film and/or slides.

I have scanned one of the last images, taken last week, and the quality is really impressive. Absolutely no noise in the shadows, huge resolution, and nice colours rendered. Now, once I press the mechanical copal shutter of the large format lenses of the 617 camera and develop the velvia 50 roll, it is only a matter of a few minutes to get a huge and impressive digital file of 1 GB, which can produce outstanding prints of more than 2 meters long. Very soon I will update the web with a lot of panoramic images as I scan them in this new machine. Stay tuned.

By the way, I will start soon to propose scanning services for very competitive prices. If you are interested in squeezing all the quality you can from your slides or transparencies, from 35 mm to 4x5 large format, let me know and I will get in touch with you.

Thanks for reading and great light to you all.