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From now on I will try to upload a very recent photo each week, saying something about it. I think it is the best thing you can do in a photo blog. Therefore, as normally I cannot renew the webpage content every week (that would make people crazy), this is a very good way of showing some of the very last work. As long as I am not on a photo trip and there is no connexion around, you will find here every monday or tuesday the photo of the week with some words about it. This week I come with an image quite different from the vista view, an image that would fall very well into that category called "intimate landscape". Elliot Porter used this name for the very first time, to refer to those images where the horizon is lacking, and where the viewer is "forced" to concentrate the attention on a portion of the landscape, a micro-landscape if we want, where the whole is summarized by a part that reflects the essence of the place. This is the case of the Verzasca valley, a natural treasure located in Ticino, southern Switzerland. The water there has polished very beautiful gneiss and granite formations leading to a real wonder in terms of patterns, colours and textures.

rocky patterns