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New e-book from the series "A photographer's Vision"

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I am really glad to officially announce the release of my first E-book of the series "A photographer's Vision", available in English, French and Spanish version.

For some time now, I have wanted to write a series of books that I myself would have liked to read before or during my photographic trips. Books that could serve as a source of inspiration, information and insight about how to approach the photographic process in a certain place in all its aspects: Vision, imagination, localisation, visualisation and realisation. Books that would also help prepare for encountering the spirit of the place but without killing the magic of discovering and interpreting it myself. Books where I could find information about all the elements which would become part of my photographic activity in those unknown places: How to find not the “best” locations but the best connections, how to choose timing and light in order to increase the expressiveness of my photographs, how to convey my emotions in the most powerful way...

This book, “A Photogra­pher’s Vision: Namibia” has become my first attempt at creating one of those books I would have loved to read and opens the door to a series of books where different locations and environments will be approached from a photogra­pher’s point of view, my personal point of view. "

With over 100 pages, this eBook brings an enormous amount of information and content. Throughout the five different chapters of this eBook (sand, rock, wood, water, fur), I reveal my motivations, vision, composition, light, technique, locations and stories behind a selection of 26 of my best photographs.

Are the books in this series only useful to those who plan to visit that specific location or environment? The answer is a rotund NO. None of the books from the series “A photographer’s vision” will constitute a simple photographic guide to a particular location that the reader could use to replicate a number of iconic photographs, collect the photographic trophies and move on following the vision of others.

On the contrary, these books have been conceived to help you discover your inner voice, your own vision, your method of approaching the subject, your way of emotionally connecting with it. This is why every one of the images that appears in these books transcends the place where it was taken and the subject it represents. They become mere examples, images over which deep thoughts are aired about all the components of the photographic process. In a way, these books give voice to some of my best images and experiences as a photographer, while exploring not only the outer landscape, but most of all the inner landscape that we carry with us wherever we go.

Therefore, much of the information that can be found in these books will be helpful to your own photography, whenever and wherever it takes place.

Coinciding with the launch, we offer a 50% launch discount until the 15th of July 2013. Introduce the promo-code: "namib" at the check-out to benefit from the discount.

More information, sample pages and reviews on the page:


Hope you enjoy it!

Great light to you all,