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Back from Namibia

Namibian Dawn2_big

I have been disconnected for a few weeks. The reason, three weeks on a photo trip in Namibia and three weeks since we arrived dealing with files and more files (ok, some visits to the Matterhorn in between...). We set sail with two bags filled with a ridiculous amount of photographic stuff and lots of wishes that i hoped would be fulfilled. Before we departed the mere name of Namibia made me dream.  I have always loved deserts and open spaces, naked geology, lonelyness, freedom and independence. After our trip there, i must confess my wishes were totally surpassed and I am now totally hooked to that country. Three weeks in a 4x4 campervan and a country double as big as Spain with 10 times less people got as close to the definition of freedom as I could imagine. As usual, the trip was planned exclusively for the photographic activity. That meant a very particular itinerary, the application of the no-less-than-three-days-per-place rule and the need of being self-sufficient in terms of transport and accommodation. If you really want to maximize the chances of getting some really good images you need to absorbe and know very well each of the places you visit. You need to witness several sunrises and sunsets at each place  and you need to cover all those more "standard" shots before daring to push your boundaries out the "safety zone" and start making more creative images. You need to develop that “relaxed attentiveness” that comes only when you are not rushed to get to the next place. You can just wander, look, smell, wonder and inhale the spirit of the place, and only then take your camera out your bag. In the itinerary we finally selected the dunes of Sossusvlei, the Namib Rand reserve, the quiver trees forests of the south, the dunes of Kalahari, the Spitzkoppe inselberg, the Skeleton coast and the Etosha national park. A perfect combination of sand, rock, plains and wildlife. Add a ton of african ambiance and you get a real dream trip. For a quick glance at the potential of this country, check a selection of the photos on the "last addition" gallery in www.rafaelrojasphoto.com

I will update this blog with some more information about what did work and what didnt during the trip (i will need to think hardly about the latter) and some general comments about the country and its photographic potential.  By the way, we are thinking on organizing an exclusive photo trip for Namibia, around next May 2010, maximum 10 people, combining the best locations, best experiences and best photographic tuition to create a one in a lifetime photographic trip. More information to come soon on www.rafaelrojasphoto.com. Stay tuned ;-) !