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Back from Namibia

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Every time I come from any of my photographic trips I experience a bunch of mixed feelings. There is nothing like spending a few weeks in remote areas of some of the most natural parts of this world, where the rhythm of the day is given by dawn and dusk, watches have no use, Internet does not exist and the human presence is reduced to tiny isolated oasis lost in the middle of the wilderness. The return to our routine is always, well...difficult. But if this happens in most of my travels, it does it particularly when coming from Africa. Some days ago, we arrived from Namibia, where we spent two incredible weeks leading our photographic trip "Namibia, desert & wildlife 2013". It was a magical experience, truly a lifetime experience which will remain in the heads and hearts of us all. Talking these last days with some of the participants who came with us, we all agreed about the fact these trips change you forever. For some reason, when departing from Namibia we all felt we were leaving home, and were coming somewhere else. For many days, we could not find our ways back into the rhythms of our occidental society, into this built world of ours where tiny patches of nature appear surrounded, suffocated, by the tidy and controlled world of humans. Africa was the cradle of humanity, and for some reason I believe we all carry in our blood a kind of genetic souvenir of this ancient land. As soon as I land in Namibia, I feel at home. There is something magical in its light, its sounds, its smells...

Photographically speaking, we all had a blast. We experienced great conditions of light during the two weeks we were there, with very special opportunities to photograph Deadvlei and Sossusvlei during the night, sunrise and sunset. Huge dunes, rocky mountains, infinite plains with pastel colours, animals reflected in the waterholes at sunset and the graphical Quiver trees under the eerie light of the Moon were only some of the subjects we could photograph. The group was absolutely fantastic. Calling them clients would almost be an insult...as at the end we got in them really good friends with whom we had shared a magical experience. From here, I would like to thank them so much for all their enthusiasm and great mood they displayed during the whole trip.

If there is a place we would never grow tired of visiting and photographing in this world, that is Namibia. That is why we have decided to run another photographic trip to this landscape photographer's heaven next year. Our photographic trip "Namibia, desert & wildlife 2014" has just been published in our photo-trips page and is open for online registrations. If things happen like last year, we expect places to run out fast, so if you are interested please register sooner than later to avoid disappointment. You will be able to find all the information, photos, full PDF brochure of 26 pages and sincere testimonials of the participants who came with us and which speak volumes about what you can expect from us.

Here below there is a short selection of some photographs of the trip. I miss Namibia already...

Great light to you all,