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Back from Finland - The beauty of Cold


  Hi there!. After a few weeks lost from civilization and my blog, I am back from Finland. My toes and fingers slowly thaw and come back to life!:)

Visiting the boreal forest had been a long dream of mine, and making it coincide with the coldest temperatures of the year really was a good idea.

I was looking for a great experience and I found a dream. I got lost in a magical world of snow, ice and frost. A world of silence. A world of waiting. I came back marked by the experience.

I will post a blog article soon about this trip, as way too many things are to be said...Surrealist place, surrealist experience, extremely tough conditions, lots of lessons learnt, lots of fond memories captured, lots of new plans and dreams sparked by this trip too...

One of the experiences was shooting and spending the day at -40C, when the wind blows and you get into the fresh snow till your knees even with the snowshoes. But the pain is quickly forgotten.

Cold covers every single tree with a thick coat of frost and snow, making them bow and bend. Wandering on that hill, I could only think of them as sleeping creatures, braving the winter, waiting for the spring to come back to life.

I was happy to have brought with me all the expedition gear...I was happy too that there was nobody else to see me looking like a Botero sculpture! Down is not sexy...

It is great to see you back!

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