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WHYTAKE.NET, The Global Community of Nature Photographers™


It is with huge pleasure that I announce you all that WWW.WHYTAKE.NET- THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS, is born!

In late 2010 Alister Benn, Juanli Sun, Anca Minican and I began talking about the need for a website to unite the world of Nature Photographers. A place where they could showcase the best of their work, post links to their blogs and subscribe to their peers, inspire others and be inspired by others - A Global Community of Nature Photographers™


Whytake.net is a mature international community where every Nature Photographer has his place, where you Nature Photographer can rub shoulders with photographers from different countries, cultures and in different languages, where you will find the most inspiring Nature photographs of the Planet, where you will be able to subscribe to your favourite photographers and always be connected and informed, where you will be able to look for photos and photographers by location, speciality, ecosystem, where you will have your own Wall to spread your images and thoughts to the rest of your peers...

Whytake is not a social network, it is not a forum, it is not a gallery, it is not the yellow pages of Nature Photographers, it is not a comprehensive database of inspiring images from Nature,...it is all that together and much more. A niche tool conceived by the Nature Photographer for the Nature Photographer. Whichever is your speciality, whichever is your language, whichever is your photographic level, you have a place here and we are waiting for you.

Welcome to WWW.WHYTAKE.NET, The Global Community of Nature Photographers™...

See you there ;-)