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Article about Nature Photography on LNH online magazine

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Hi there! As all nature photographers I guess, I have been really busy taking the most out of the great colors of Autumn. Pre-winter hues are peaking up here in Switzerland and after the larches, it has come the turn to the low land deciduous forests to turn ablaze with golden colors. Mist has come too, and yesterday I enjoyed one of the best mornings in the last months...

Meanwhile, we have also been really busy during the last 9 months preparing another exciting project which will be unveiled soon...If you are a Nature Photographer, stay tuned, there is something HUGE coming in the next weeks!! :)

Otherwise, we have been published on the Spanish online free magazine LNH, with the first part of an article talking about how I see the motivations of becoming a Nature photographer and how the creative process of nature photography takes place. This first part of the article appears on the recently released 3rd issue, and it will conclude in the 4th issue when it is released in 2 months time.

The LNH magazine, bilingual in Spanish and English, was born half a year ago thanks to the work of a group of stunning nature photographers in Spain, and the success has been overwhelming since. After a few weeks, more than 37'000 readers devoured the first number. The number of readers and contributors is growing at an incredible rate, and I am convinced this magazine is destined to become a reference in the world of Nature Photography.

I strongly recommend you to take a look, you will find great inspiration, great images and great photographers there inside...Best of the best in Spain, open to the World. A loudly bravo to all the team of LNH for this work!

Take care you all and I wish you a great end of autumn! ;-)