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There are also Trolls in Spain...


Hi there! Last week I was in Asturias, Spain, paying a visit to my great friends Alister Benn and Juanli Sun. Although the reason for the trip was working on a common project (some really good news coming, stay tuned!), we could squeeze some visits to the dramatic coast of that beautiful region. I would consider the adjective "dramatic" as a kind of euphemism in fact...Stacks, cliffs of more than 70 m, waterfalls, secret places where only a handful of fishermen go and some of the most colourful rocks I have ever seen in my life would really push for further praising in photographic terms...

Following my last post, where an Icelandic Troll caught by the sunrise featured our last webpage update, I am posting here the scientific and photographic proof that there are also Trolls in Spain. Being at the Portizuelo beach by sunset, my rock-mechanics background faded away, and I saw a Troll standing against the cliff, caught again by the sinking sun...A Troll, or should I call it an Asturian sea "Trasgu"?

Some time to process some film exposed there, and some more hours to classify the rest of images...more coming soon, maybe along with some Provençal fields under the summer twilight? ;-)

Thanks for reading and great light to you all ! ;-)


N: Click on the image to see it bigger!