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Award at Trierenberg Supercircuit!

Shards of ice and sunrise

Well, the first results of photography contests of this year are being unveiled, and the other day I was really happy to know that one of my images got a Gold Award at the 2011 Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria. The image is "Ice Alive", which already got a prize in Nature's Best and was exposed at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA, a couple of years ago. Quite good news indeed, too bad we won't be able to attend the Awards Gala taking place in September...since we might be (if everything goes well) shooting the autumn colours above the arctic circle...More to come about this! Here there is some information about this contest, which you might find interesting for future submissions of your work!:

"The Trierenberg Super Circuit, formerly the Austrian Super Circuit, is by far the largest salon of photography in the world. It is based in Hasselblad, Austria, and in recent years it has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures, including some from almost every country. It is the aim of the competition run annually by the salon to exhibit the finest work in different styles, techniques and genres. The Super Circuit attracts photographers of almost every background, both amateur and professional. It has established a reputation for very high standards and is therefore respected around the world. An international panel of judges selects the very best images in each category, and awards valuable and prestigious prizes. The website of the Trierenberg Super Circuit may be visited at http://www.supercircuit.at/   "

Take care and great light to you all ;-)