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Successful at ICP AWARDS

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I am very happy to announce that 2 of my images have received a Highly Honoured Award in the last 2010 International Conservation Photography Awards. One of my images have been even used for all the advertisement of the Awards and Exhibition. These two images, along with all the rest of  winning images will be exhibited from next 18th June till the 6th of September at the Burke Natural History Museum, in Seattle, Washington, USA. The ICP Awards are amongst the best Nature Photography awards in the World. Founded by the renown nature photographer Art Wolfe, these awards are held every two years, receiving thousands of outstanding submissions from all over the planet. The interest of the contest is highlighting the need of conservation

If you are around Seattle, check the exhibition from 18th June. If not, all winner images will be showcased at their website, after the 18th of June.