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Successful Opening of the Chillon Exhibition

Last Wednesday we held the opening of our last photographic exhibition "La Magie de l'Eau" in the mighty Castle of Chillon. Nineteen of some of our best large format photographs are being exhibited until the 14th of April 2013 in the Salle des Armoiries of this renown monument, the most visited place in the whole Switzerland. The opening event was a huge success and we were really overwhelmed by the extremely positive reaction from the public. From here we would like to thank deeply the hundreds of people who attended the event. It was really touching for me to be able to talk with most of you and discuss about my motivations as an artist and I apologize if it was not possible to discuss with some of you, due to the limitations of time and the great affluence of public. We do hope we will have the chance in a future event.

My thanks also go to the whole team of the Chillon castle, Jean Pierre Pastori, Marta dos Santos, Alexandra Ranzoni, Dacha Abbet and all the team of wardens. Thanks for allowing me to exhibit at this incredible place and for all their work to make this happen.